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Commander in Thief: How Obama and the Radical Left Stole the United States of America

By George M. Koleszari

It is ironic that the man who campaigned on hope and change gave us too much change and stole our hope. Of all the things Obama and his leftist ilk have stolen from the American people, perhaps the most damaging to the nation is hope. The Commander in Thief exposes how and why Obama and the radical left are stealing our way of life and changing what it means to be American and what we can do to stop it

Other featured books:

Social Jihadists: Supplement to THE SUCCESSFUL JIHAD The Disuniting of the United States, by P.S. Norac: SOCIAL JIHADISTS is a collection of short stories and commentaries involving today’s social issues. The author’s intent is to establish the fact that democracy will only survive if the masses, “we the people”, become involved, informed and active.

Retaining American Individualism In A Control Filled World!, by Don Floyd: This quick-read pro-American book injects a fascinating fresh prospective of how politics is more metaphysically based than ideology based; and it shows how the irreplaceable qualities of the individual are far greater than the cryptic power of the collec

Redistribution of Common Sense: Selected Commentaries on the Obama Administration-2009-2014, by Dwight L. Schwab, Jr.: Award-Winning Conservative Columnist Releases Hard-Hitting New Book Documenting the Many Scandals and Blunders of the Obama Administration

Recent Additions to Conservative Bookstore

Commander in Thief: How Obama and the Radical Left Stole the United States of America, by George M. Koleszari: Instead of bringing hope, Obama has stolen it.

Zugzwang, by Raymond Jelli: A voidcop is assigned to a case with no physical evidence besides a beaten to death corpse.

Battle Springs, by Randall Jarmon: Ruth McKenzie stormed into James South's life: fire in her eyes, pain in her heart, gun in her hand. The killers after her then went after him. A deadly game ensued, and South knew how to play it.

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