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Social Jihadists: Supplement to THE SUCCESSFUL JIHAD The Disuniting of the United States

By P.S. Norac

SOCIAL JIHADISTS is a supplement to THE SUCCESSFUL JIHAD: The Disuniting of the United States. The Social Jihadist is one who carries on an emotional crusade against the social structure that has served our country well since the Founding Fathers successfully established the American democracy. Their methods have been subtle but persistent. "We the people" must be made aware of this danger to our democracy. The author invites the reader to use high school science to question global warming as well as greenhouse gases. He asks the question, Should we let the Social Jihadist suffocate us, robbing us of our needed oxygen?

Being aware of how occupied and busy Americans are, the author has chosen to use the format of smaller books to get this message out. This condensed format is designed for the purpose of allowing people with a limited amount of time to be made aware of these critical issues.

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