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I'm Not My Brother's Keeper: How Liberal Looters Are Destroying America

By Joel Turtel

"I'm Not My Brother's Keeper: How Liberal Looters Are Destroying America" asks one compelling question -— "does big government have the right to force us to be our brothers’ keeper?" Liberals answer “yes” to this question, and use this evil notion to “justify” every looting tax and strangling regulation that is turning America into a socialist tyranny.

The cruelty of liberal-looters — “No one has the right to take one penny you’ve earned without your consent. Yet welfare-state liberals presume the right to steal up to 40% of your hard-earned money in taxes . . . It’s liberals who are cruel and vicious. They have no mercy for the middle class, no mercy for those who work and struggle to pay for liberals’ alleged compassion. It’s so easy to be noble with other peoples’ money.”

The arrogance of liberal-looters – “Liberals don’t ask you to pay for entitlement programs. Instead, they point a tax gun at you and say, ‘your money or your life’ . . . . Liberal-looters assume that the only person who has no right to your money is you, the person who earned it.”

Safety net — “If we dismantled the Welfare State, we could still have a safety net. A free economy can give us unemployment insurance, low-cost health insurance, and a nest egg for our retirement. It would also create millions of new jobs and opportunity for everyone.”

Entitlements —“Welfare, food stamps, bank bailouts, farm subsidies, corporate subsidies, and thousands of other entitlements aren’t rights. They’re handouts that liberals give to some people by robbing others. So an economic “right’ is not a right at all. Instead, it’s simply a license to steal . . . . One of the Ten Commandments says, “Thou shalt not steal.” It does not say, “Thou shalt not steal, except if you need food stamps or a bank bailout.”

Compassion — “Liberal-looters turn our natural compassion into a moral and political duty—they turn compassion into compulsion.”

Progressive income tax —“The progressive income tax is morally obscene because it’s a tax on virtue. The more you earn, the more you pay. The harder you work, the more government confiscates from you. Your ability and success determine your punishment . . . The progressive income tax is the gun behind the evil notion that “we are our brother’s keeper.”

Environmental regulations — “From the Revolutionary War to the war in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of brave Americans have died fighting to defend our freedom. Yet today, with little protest, we throw our liberty into the gutter for the sake of rats, owls, and wetlands swamps.”

Global Warming — “In other words, global warming is a manufactured myth and the fraud of the century. It appears to be an eco-boy’s wet dream—a longed-for fantasy that never comes true.”

Regulations — “A totally unregulated, explosive American economy would make China’s six-percent growth rate seem like a Depression.”

Obamacare — “By stealing 50 percent of Medicare’s funding, Obamacare tells seniors that ‘you don’t matter anymore.’ Obamacare bureaucrats tell Medicare seniors, in effect, to just shut up and die quickly, because ‘you’ve outlived your life and younger people are more important than you.’ Isn’t this deliberate senior-citizen genocide?”

The “Right” To Healthcare — “No one has a right to your hard-earned income or effort without your con¬sent. No one has a right to steal from you just because he has financial problems. If he had that right, mugging would be legal. This principle applies to the alleged “right” to health care, food stamps, farm subsidies, rent subsidies, bank bailouts, or any other “entitlement.”

Barack Obama — “The first time I heard Obama he was talking with Joe the plumber. He told Joe that we should “redistribute” income from “the rich.” I knew immediately that Obama was a Marxist, and would be the arsenic of America.”

The Real American Heroes — “In a free society, if you’re rich and successful, you’ve usually earned it. Think of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Jeff Bezos, and the Koch brothers—productive geniuses and American heroes.”

Public Schools — “As a minimum first step to give our kids the great education they deserve, all public schools in the country should be shut down and converted into competing charter schools . . . Ultimately, to get government out of the education business, all K-12 schools should be private . . . If education is a way out of the ghettos and the road to a better future, then public schools have left minori¬ties in the gutter.”

How To Get A Superb, Low-cost Health Care System — “We need to unshackle medical care in America, and get government out of the health-care business, totally and permanently.”

Our Founding Father’s Wisdom — “Our Found¬ing
Fathers created the Bill of Rights and Constitution to protect us from future liberal-looters, and a President who thinks he’s king.”

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I'm Not My Brother's Keeper: How Liberal Looters Are Destroying America, by Joel Turtel: My book asks one compelling question -— "does big government have the right to force us to be our brothers’ keeper?" Liberals and "moderate" Republicans answer “yes” to this question, and use this evil notion to “justify” every

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