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Attack of the 50 Ft. Democrats

By R.K. Delka

Scourge Joros, billionaire political puppetmaster and America-hater extraordinaire, has unleashed an army of genetically-mutated fifty-foot Democrats. From Independence Hall to the Golden Gate Bridge, they ravage everything in their path, destroying far more of the country than regular-sized Democrats could ever dream of. Joros's minions in the media, meanwhile, play their favorite game--placing blame on Republican Senator Bart Brightman.

But Brightman is unfazed by the media's hatred of him. The ex-soldier knows he's the only one that has a chance of stopping the giants, and he's ready to put his life on the line to do it.

Will Brightman defeat the giants, or will the Democrats finally destroy the country? In a tall tale that is only slightly stranger than real life, anything can happen.

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Sic Semper Res Publica: The Political Ramblings of a Disgruntled Midwestern Teenager, by Nathan Richendollar: Learn how to stop America's demise and fight for our experiment in republican democracy!

Restoring A Once Great Nation: Are America's glory-days ahead, or are they behind us?, by Douglas Edelman: Our nation is following a downward path which will lead to its destruction if it is not curbed.

Why Your Father's a Republican: ...And You Should Be Too!: J. Alan William, by J. Alan Williams: This book was written to help illustrate to our next generation how easy it can be to get misled by our mainstream media and unfortunately our public education system. This book defines a "true" conservative.

Recent Additions to Conservative Bookstore

Amateur Night: A World War II Historical Adventure - Comple, by C.P. McKechney: When German agents conspire to sabotage the Panama Canal in 1941, an unlikely team of lethal "amateurs" must stop them at all costs.

Prisoners of Eroak, by John Bowers: Abandoned to their fate on a foreign planet, fifty thousand prisoners of war must forge their own destiny

Famine Planet, by John Bowers: The Trimary System faces starvation as angry farmworkers revolt on the farming planet Agricor

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