On the Thomas Sowell Shelf at the Conservative Bookstore you will find all of this great thinker's works on various subjects from race to economics to history. Titles include: Vision of the Anointed, Late-Talking Children, Is Reality Optional?, books on Civil Rights, Migrations, Cultures and a host of other relevant subjects.
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Thomas Sowell is one of the foremost conservative thinkers of our day. As a fellow of the Hoover Institute, he has written the final word on many topics of importance to conservatives. Trained as and economist and blessed with a logical mind, Mr. Sowell brings candor and clarity to every subject to which he turns his attention. Listed below are all of his works still in print. They may be ordered by clicking on the title or the order button at the end of the description.


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The Quest for Cosmic Justice, by Thomas Sowell. As Thomas Sowell approaches 70 years of age we find him at the top of his game. His game, of course, is analyzing a pressing topic with clarity, intelligence and wisdom. In his latest work, he discusses the justice system and the US Constitution, discarding the psychobabble that currently surrounds "social justice", "judicial activism" and vain notions that the Constitution is a "living document". He goes back to square one to remind us of what the American Revolution was all about; it gave "the common man a voice, a veto, elbow room, and a refuge from the rampaging presumptions of his betters." No one thinks or writes more clearly than Thomas Sowell. This is a book to inspire both thought and action...a must read.

Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality (pb,164pp) This book deals specifically with Black's and Women's civil rights issues…bussing, affirmative action, quotas, etc. Mr Sowell dispells the myths of the affirmative action movement and shows that, although some prejudice remains in this country that the best opportunities for all Americans comes through their own hard work in a free and open market. order book
A Conflict of Visions (pb,273pp) describes the origins of political struggles, Liberal vs. Conservative, the conflict over society's resources. order book
The Economics of Politics and Race (pb,324pp) discusses how external and internal factors affect the economic performance of various racial and ethnic groups. order book
Education: Assumptions vs. History (pb,203pp) is a collection of papers on the subject of education. Here Mr. Sowell shows how society's experimentation, based on false assumptions, with the education of our children has proven to be a dismal failure. order book
Ethnic America: A History (pb,368pp) traces the history of 9 ethnic groups that have imigrated to America, including Blacks, Irish, Chinese, Jews and others. Though his conclusions are startling they are immanently reasonable. order book
Inside American Education: The Decline, The Deception, The Dogmas (hb, 368pp). This indictment of the American education system shows how we have given up the transfer of knowledge in order to infuse social skills and create social harmony. He accuses the US system of using brainwashing techniques and reveals how this fallacious education system has harmed not only the children forced through it, but the society as a whole. order book
Is Reality Optional?: and Other Essays (pb) is a collection of Mr. Sowell's essays originally published in "Forbes" and the "American Spectator". order book
Knowledge and Decisions (pb,448pp) this reissue of a classic study shows how knowledge is shared and disseminated in a society. Mr. Sowell argues that there is a widening gap between first hand knowledge and decision making and that most social decisions today are made based on elitist visions of the way things ought to be rather than the way they actually are. order book
Migrations and Cultures: A World View (pb,528pp). Mr. Sowell here shows how migrations are not merely the movement of people but the movement of ideas, outlooks and cultures. order book
Race and Culture: A World View (pb,352pp) takes on the issues of race, mental stability, slavery and multi-culturalism. order book
Say's Law: An Historical Analysis (hb, 247pp). Using his economic training and his facility for making the complicated understandable, Mr. Sowell here describes the economic principles behind Say's Law, how it has effected history and what it means for us today. order book
The Vision of the Anointed: Self Congratulations as a Basis for Social Policy is perhaps Mr. Sowell's best known work. It is a sweeping attack on the elite intelligencia and how they make decisions for society. He makes the point that past decisions have lead to crisis in education, crime the family and every other important facet of life. order book

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Thomas Sowell is famous for his wit and wisdom as well as his erudite analysis. When talking about the fact that he was one of a few black conservatives he said that in the seventies there were only enough black conservatives to play cribbage. Now there are enough to put together a game of bridge. Thomas Sowell is one of the best known men of a rising black conservative movement. He is joined by the likes of Walter Williams, Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, Stan Faryna, JC Watts, Ward Connerly and many others.

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