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Welcome to Conservative Magazine Rack

The Conservative Magazine Rack is a place where you can peruse magazines of interest to conservative thinkers.

At the Conservative Magazine Rack you can subscribe to the magazine of your choice. If you don't find your favorite listed on these pages, try out the search engine at the bottom of this page. If you already have a magazine subscription, you can also re-subscribe. Subscriptions are taken through Magmall, a reputable discount magazine subscription service. Shop and buy at the lowest possible prices.

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Political Magazines:

HUMAN EVENTS - The foremost magazine of Conservative thought is Human Events. Great writers, great ideas and great insights permeate every page of this superb periodical. They even track the voting record of your representative or senator.

Read our Indepth Review of Human Events!

NATIONAL REVIEW - William F. Buckley founded this magazine in the early 1950s. With insightful articles, in-depth reviews, and thoughtful analysis, it continues to be the favorite of thoughtful conservatives. Visit our National Review Page for a more in-depth review.

City Journal is one in the forefront of urban policy. Executive Myron Magnet delivers practical solutions for urban problems on a quarterly basis. Visit our City Journal page for a more in-depth review.

Sierra Sage Cover Image

SIERRA SAGE - This no-nonsense conservative monthly will keep you up to date on news, opinion, and conservative thought. It is geared for Nevada, but the articles have interest to people across the country. Subscriptions for both at home delivery and online are available.

The Weekly Standard is one of the most influential newsmagazines inside or outside the beltway. Edited by Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes it keeps you inside the loop. Visit our "Weekly Standard" page for a more in-depth review.

The American Conservative - This magazine espouses traditional American and conservative ideals. Among the members of its editorial staff is Pat Buchanan, Justin Raimondo, Steve Sailer, and Joe Bob Briggs. This magazine is ever thoughtful, and ever hard hitting. Much of the writing falls into the category sometimes designated as "Paleo-con".

The Conservative Chronicle is a compendium of the work of the best conservative columnists and cartoonists. Lots of great information to keep the reader abreast of current events and conservative thought. The cartoons will enlighten, entertain, and enrage.

The American Spectator - Tough, hard-hitting, humorous, the American Spectator deals with current public issues from a conservative perspective. The magazine is critical of both major political parties. Founded by R. Emmet Tyrell, there is much that is witty and entertaining, as well as informative about this magazine.