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Lords of Corruption, by Kyle Mills. This is among the best thrillers to come out this or any other year. Kyle Mills cuts to the chase as well as the quick as the hero, Josh Hagarty, goes to Africa as an aid worker, and finds out that the graft and corruption of the government has fed back into the organization for which he works. He deals with a corrupt dictator, a vicious assistant, a greedy boss, and a criminal director. He must fight his way through a culture of corrupt back slapping (as well as stabbing that includes the use of machetes and burning tires) just to get home. Besides being an action-packed thriller this novel gives a riveting portrayal of the conditions and scenes that reveal sub-Saharan Africa as a conglomeration of failed nation states, crumbling economies, and violent civil wars. This is an important novel you will not want to miss.

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USSA, by Peter Wludyka
Intercept, by Patrick Robinson
The Usurper, by Cliff Ball
The Timeshift Trilogy, by Phillip Jackson

The Silent Man, by Alex Berenson. Fast paced spy-thriller in the John Wells series. Wells is faced with Muslim extremists who steal two nuclear bombs from the Russian arsenal. Berenson creates a realistic scenario with plausible details on how the terrorists work on the bomb. Great characterization, gripping plot, and intense action make this a fun read. Yet the book delves into thought provoking questions of how to deal with a decentralized terror network that has access to nuclear technology.

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Moscow Rules, by Daniel Silva. The Russian intelligence services, whether they be the now defunct Soviet KGB or its progenitor the FSB have always played by their own rules and for keeps. They don't hesitate to eliminate a Russian journalist in London, or to torture a prisoner in the dank halls of the Lubianka. This fast paced and intense novel of intrigue is number ten in the Gabriel Allon series. Gabriel Allon catches wind of a Russian arms dealer trading a powerful weapon to some really bad guys, but who, when, where, and how are all open questions that must be answered. Allon, with the help of his friends in the CIA, MI6, and even the French must work against time and the odds to uncover the Russian Arms deal and stop the buyers from wreaking havoc on the western world.

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Humanity's Edge, by Tamara Wilhite. In this collection of short stories, we are faced with a chilling view of the future of the human race. Ms. Wilhite takes on some unusual situations, gives them some twists, and turns them into stories that could be right out of the twilight zone. The stories in this series have a survivalist theme, focusing on human behavior when not only the life of an individual is at stake, but that of all humanity. Fascinating stories, great for weekend afternoon or bedtime reading.

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Above Empyrean: A Novel of the Final Days of the War on Islamic Terrorism, by Bruce Herschensohn. This engaging and interesting novel is not so much an intense thriller as it is a literary gem. Eli Jared a wise and aging diplomat comes to power as president almost by default just at the time that Muslim fanatical sleeper cells rise up to overthrow the nation. He is faced with obstacles in trying to throw off the yoke of uncompromising religious tyranny. Perhaps his biggest worries come from within as an inept, naive cabinet secretary advocates equivocation in the face of the nation's greatest danger. This book reads on multiple levels. With classical allusions, a great story line, and incredible insights presented at every turn, the reader might, in the end, come to understand the true nature of the perpetual struggle between right and left in the face of outside forces.

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The Sword and the Star: Temple Mount, by Daymon Andrews. This fast paced thriller presupposes that the Iranians create a nuclear weapon, and an Israeli air raid sparks a war that engulfs the world. Modern weapons, modern tactics, details of military encounters, intense high-level meetings. It is all here. Besides fast paced action, Daymon Andrews delivers a realistic scenario that prompts thinking people to ponder what just might happen in the near future. An enjoyable read.

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Hollyworld, by Michael Hollister is an intense novel about how Hollywood culture influenced and was influenced by the culture of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s through 9/11. The film industry is revealed as largely an arm of leftist propagandists with a few noted exceptions. The plot centers around a screenwriter/reviewer and her director husband who do what little they can to stem the tide of moral decay that buffets them as they age. The novel is infused with analyses of films that gripped the American psyche during this period. This is a fascinating look at American society in the later half of the twentieth century and the films that serve as its milestones.

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Jackie Disaster, by Eric Dezenhall. Fast paced action, witty dialogue and thoughtful social commentary flow through this Public Relations Thriller. Jackie Disaster is assigned to protect the leading dispenser of culture, Sally Naturale, from the thugs and goons of society who want to destroy her business empire. Meanwhile the mob, the police, even a Priest and a Rabbi find themselves involved in a struggle that is ultimately larger than themselves. Jackie must use all of his skills as an ex-boxer and public relations expert to make certain that justice is served, and that Sally Naturale is pulled from the quagmire in which she finds herself.

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A Man of War, by David R. Lusk. Fast-paced, exciting science-fiction adventure with a touch of philosophy thrown in for good measure. Chase Aarons wanted to be a Man of War pilot ever since his earliest days. He is a natural warrior and quickly impresses both friend and foe. Yet his skills and talents for war have soul-searing repercussions. Mr. Lusk has a talent for writing battle scenes that is unequaled. He brings you right into the cockpit of the Man of War and lets you experience the glories and horrors of war.

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Nuremberg: The Reckoning, by William F. Buckley, Jr. The consumate writer and arch-conservative has produced a tour de force in his new novel covering the post-World War II Nuremberg trials. Through the medium of engrossing fiction he asks and answers tough questions about moral relativism, crimes against humanity, world courts and more. Buckley, known for his political columns and spy thrillers has turned into a thoughtful, timeless novelist.

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Money Wanders, by Eric Dezenhall. What happens when a crime boss wants to burnish his image? He calls in a pollster whose family was once part of the "rackets". This is a comic thriller that will have you both laughing and sitting on the edge of your seat. Dezenhall is an experienced political pollster and his insights into public relations shows, but he also has a talent for engrossing plot development and in-depth characterization. Highly recommended.

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The Mike Hammer Collection Volume 1, by Mickey Spillane. The most popular pulp fiction writer of the 1950s was Mickey Spillane. His books featuring the irascible Mike Hammer spawned movies and television shows. Yet his books have been neglected by the intelligencia and modern publishing houses, probably because the books are fiercely anti-intellectual and view the world as a battle between good and evil, and the "Commies" are definitely the bad guys. These books, when they were first published in the late 1940s and 1950s, were devoured primarily by the young men returned from the war in Europe. These novels were the equivalent of today's "action flicks". Great pulp fiction - fast-paced, exciting and fun.

Also available: The Mike Hammer Collection Volume 2

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn is Number 9 on our list of all time great conservative works. "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" is (to paraphrase Hobbes) gripping, informative, and short. It is the story of an honorable man put through the Gulag penal system of Soviet Russia. It seems that communist systems cannot do without slave labor. This book is the story of one of those laborers.

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Other Fiction Titles:
Hollyworld, by Michael Hollister.

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